What you will get by using Elixr!

Server Restarts

Scheduled Server Restarts to safely save your server world to avoid file corruption and in-game item loss!

The server shut down system saves the current state ensuring you never miss a beat!

Mods Integration

This Application will download the latest mods for you! Current Usability is limited, Will download ClayC's Toolkit Directly and install for you! At The Click Of a Button!

Crash Protection

Will restart the servers if they crash as well as preventing small crashes! Small crashes are when the server still runs but nothing in game registers!

Web Integration

Full visual on the servers via a Web-page! just like a dedicated hosting service! – this service should be used by someone who has HTML experience as well as MySQL,

*This Feature will be having an addition added to it! Web integration hosted by us! this will require no knowledge at all!

*This will be a premium feature


You host your server on another PC, or a VPS, or wherever, but you can't be logged into steam in more then one place! This application will download the latest files, staging builds what ever you need! Select which you want in the settings and click install, Done!

Discord Integration

Theres nothing better then on the fly server restarts, updates or even notification posting! Our bot will be able to talk to your server and more!.

*Packaged with our web integration there will be a pro version bot that will be able to do even more with its own web panel just for you to customize!

*This will be a premium feature

Eco Server Adjustments

Ever wanted to change everything about your eco server? Down to the last seed that dropped? With our application you will be able to customize everything! Full access to your server to play your way! .

Some Features may still require a server restart to take effect

Multiple Servers

How many servers do you run? 1? 2? 3? 4?! Don't worry! This application will handle them all! At The Same Time! Take care of each server easily and faster with our App!.