Meet The Team!

These are the people who built and made Elixr what it is!

Kye - Project Manager / Founder

Current CEO and founder of, The Aussie 24/7 Servers, Elixr, TAG (The Aussie Gaming).

The Aussie 24/7 Servers is the founding company of Elixr and have provided this service to you free of charge.

Coding / Development
Goobie - Coding / Development

The initial developer of Eco Launch

After creating the prototype interest peaked to improve the software.

ClayC - Coding / Development

Creator Of ClaysTK A toolkit for Eco.

Upon hearing of our plans He teamed up with us to continue development on Elixr.

UI / Art & Design
Inertia - UI Design / Art

Ui Design And Logo Development

Skilled in Arts and Design Inertia was brought in to help build our new UI and further improve it.

Asha - Graphical Design / Art

Art / Design

Art and Design Collaboration with Inertia, These two design the UI and graphical aspects.

Emmeck - Lead Moderator

Lead Support Personnel.

He has an understanding of the project and experienced use with Elixr, He is here to help you with problems you may have with the software.

If you Wish to Donate to us to help us further this project and keep the servers that host the software and other services you can do so with the button below!

Donations are non-refundable and not asked for! If you choose to donate to us we will be more then grateful!

People who Donate will be able to send us a personal icon to have it added to our web-page below as our show of thanks!

We Use a pool for collecting all donations as the donations are spread out amongst the team members


These people have contributed to Eco Launch one way or another!

Their support and assistance is greatly appreciated!


These people have helped to contributed to Eco Launch Through Donations!

Their support and assistance is greatly appreciated, They help us keep the servers up and running!